Facebook Dislike Button
Why the Facebook “Dislike” Button Could Be Bad for Your Public Relations

Looks like Facebook has finally listened to the cries of the masses and is getting ready to launch a "Dislike" button. Sure - there have been many times where you've seen someone complain about something on your newsfeed and thought "yeah, I agree, this sucks" and wished you could "dislike" the post to empathize with your digital friend. This is why Facebook is testing out this new feature. But this new feature could also be disastrous for brands. Currently, online communities and customers can either like a brand's post, expressing enjoyment, or comment on why they are happy or unhappy. If a customer doesn't like a brand's content, they can opt to ignore it - no harm done to the brand or the brand's images. If a customer is dissatisfied with the brand in anyway, they can chooses to express it on a Facebook page by commenting. When...