In Public is a mockumentary webseries about a fictional PR firm

but we’re doing real PR.

We’re integrating real brands, products, and services and creating actionable public relations and marketing strategies that will be written into the show.


You’ll see the characters:


discuss the ins and outs of your brand, your messaging, your business goals, and your story.

brainstorm, discuss, and plan PR and marketing campaigns.

execute the PR and marketing campaigns in real life, in tandem with the release of your episode.

3 ways that you can be in our show:

Your brand is incorporated as a client and we execute PR strategies in real life.

We can create a real PR and/or marketing strategy based on your marketing goals and write it into the show, where our characters will come up with, and discuss, the campaign. Then, our PR partner will execute the campaign/s right before we release your episode.

The show and the campaign will go hand-in-hand so that viewers, and your target demographic, can see the behind the scenes of what went into it as it unfolds before them. By doing this, your audience feels like they are part of the marketing process.

You get your brand in our show and have a full PR/marketing plan executed for much cheaper than you’d get with any other agency.

We write your brand into the show as a client and create a PR strategy to execute at a later date

If you’re interested in being in the show but already have an existing PR/marketing campaign, this would be the option for you.

We can write your existing marketing/PR plan into the show as if the characters are coming up with and executing it, and then we can launch your episode in tandem with your campaign.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in being in the show and don’t have any upcoming marketing plans, but you also don’t want to pay for the execution of a campaign, we can create the campaign and feature it in the show, but save it to execute at a later date. This is also a great way to test a marketing idea before investing in it.

We incorporate your brand into the show as a side storyline

This option can also be done with option 1 or 2, and it involves us creating a completely separate storyline around your brand.  This could be literally be anything– and we have ideas. 

We can also create an offline marketing element by incorporating a discount code or special offer specifically to those who watched your episode.

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